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Mansion hill tavern

Mansion Hill Tavern

The Fling barn

Mansion Hill (night before Thanksgiving)






Newport Ky

Newport Ky

Hillsboro Oh

  Newport Ky

Listen to Johnny Fink and The Intrusion below from The “Live at the Southgate House” recording wrapping up and saying good night, playing the end of “How Many More Times” by Led Zeppelin. Listen to all 11 of the mp3 tracks here…

WARNING: The following combination of kick-ass guitar, smooth bass, and soul-popping drums will cause your tailbone to uncontrollably crawl up your spinal column eventually tickling your lower inner cranium resulting in a toe-curling effect until the sounds subside.
(1) NORMAL EFFECTS: This is normal behavior for tailbones and toes exposed too extreme rhythmic audio frequencies without any prior consumption of the usual JFI show standard 2 drink minimum… not to be confused by the 2 drunk minimum for private parties.
(a) PROPER USAGE: Choosing to listen to MP3 tracks on this site while cranking up the volume is allowed under normal conditions, however…
(b) WARRANTY LIMITATIONS: Using head phones or similar devices wrapped around your brain-case with the volume cranked up to achieve that live show experience or an increased euphoric effect is only covered under a limited warranty. Meaning don’t blow out your ear canals for nothing, JFI plays frequently throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky so just stop by and enjoy a show.
(c) VOIDED WARRANTY: MP3 playback of JFI within small enclosed spaces without proper ventilation, like restroom stalls or broom closets while at work or the office and getting fired over it might void all and any warranty herein. But if the story is good enough, we’ll give you a job carrying our gear after shows.
GENERAL DISCLAIMER: Please remember to listen responsibly to Johnny Fink and The Intrusion, and Kids don’t try this at home.
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